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The Control of YOU

Many have by now seen the raunchy and thrilling Netflix series YOU. Netflix have exceeded everyone’s expectations and released a whole bunch of incredible content  all in one month, but the most prominent that stood out to me personally was YOU. The way I heard about the show was through people talking about how much they fancied Joe. At work, on Twitter, the random woman … Continue reading The Control of YOU

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The Miscommunication of the Sexes

As many of you will know, the #MeToo movement was the trend of the hashtag MeToo being used for women sharing their story of being victims of sexual abuse, starting in Hollywood and expanding throughout social media and the world. This movement has created a huge awareness of just how present this problem is in every woman’s life, and how badly things need to change. … Continue reading The Miscommunication of the Sexes

The Curse of the Video Game

One of the incredible advantages of modern technology is the ability to step into another world that you would not otherwise be a part of; a professional football field; a zombie apocalypse; a battered war-zone; the wild, wild West.  You can step into another role, live on the edge, experience something you never thought possible and, best of all, not have to suffer the consequences … Continue reading The Curse of the Video Game

Insatiable – is it really as offensive as everyone is saying?

The Netflix original series Insatiable is a television show based around a teenage girl named Patty who was formerly overweight but, following an incident where she had her jaw wired shut and was forced to have a liquid diet for months, found herself to be skinny and, as becomes clearer as the story develops, a little emotionally unstable. This show has been a much-talked about … Continue reading Insatiable – is it really as offensive as everyone is saying?